So I know I haven't posted anything in absolutely ages, which is an absolute travesty. I've been so busy and preoccupied but I'll tell you guys about that in another post ;) I feel doubly bad that the reason why I'm getting back into writing is because I'm flying off to the US in 9 days and that would pretty much leave my blog with a major back log. :( (Where are all the other emojis? :()


For all of you who don't know where Poros is, don't worry, neither did I. (In fact I still don't really know now hahaha) But Google Maps puts this island directly opposite Athens, across the Saronic Gulf - roughly 4 hours from Athens by land. I definitely wouldn't have visited this island if not for my Dad's friend's birthday party that was being held there. It is more of a family vacation island - barely any foreigners (we were literally the only Asian/Chinese family there hahaha) and just a chilled vibe. I probably wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a more Ibiza/Mykonos/letsfshitup feel but it's perfect for a chilledrideamotorcyclesleeponthebeach holiday. 


Alright, so I'll be straight up. The food? I hadn't been to Greece in maybe, 2 years, and the last time I was there I didn't really focus on the food much. But this time around, I just got so bored of Greek food so fast. I had so much Greek food I was so utterly sick of it. 

Don't get me wrong. Greek food is great, for awhile. The produce is so amazing there. The Greek Salads are so...PURE. The tomatoes are so fresh and sweet, the onions are pungent, the feta cheese (while I don't like it) is great, the olive oil, needless to say, tastes strongly of olives. The meat is pretty awesome too. Really flavourful. 

BUT every menu in every single restaurant looks identical. It'd go something like this: Roast Pork, Roast Lamb, Greek Salad, Moussaka, Souvlaki (basically skewers of meat), etc, you get the drift. There's very little differentiation between restaurants. Maybe I'm just used to Chinese food where it's like, Roast Pork (siew yok), Barbequed Honey Roast Pork (char siew), Suckling Pig, Sweet & Sour Pork, you get the idea.

That being said, here are a few places I'd definitely recommend going if you ever visit Poros: 

1. Olga's 

My absolute favourite place for food in Poros. It's not in the city centre but a little out of it (10mins walk - 2mins cab). The okra/ladyfingers (pictured below) were RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. They came in mini sizes and had this rich tomato sauce lathered over it. I still crave it so badly. 

Their roast chicken - OMD. SO GOOD. Their roasted potatoes accompanied with them were literally dripping in roast chicken fat/oils. 

Their roasted aubergines were also to die for. No words. Please go there. (For lunch - they have like a canteen style show you the food first thing - just do it.)

2. Gelato Store in Town

Yes I have no idea what it's called but you won't miss it. It's in the centre of town opposite the water front where boats come in and it's so CHEAP. Like 2 euros for a humungous scoop of gelato. They also have all these different flavours there. Really awesome. 

3. Poseidon 

Another not bad place to eat but nothing compared to the awesomeness of homecooked-esque food of Olga's. In town and opposite the waterfront. Some pictures below. 

So now you've probably decided whether you should visit Poros or not, if you want to here's how: 


Fly to Athens. We did so from London on BA. We bought tickets last minute so they cost 300odd euro a return ticket :( Don't be like us book early! 

Take a boat from Piraeus ('port') in Athens. We took the Ionis (pictured below). There are other ferries available that leave from Piraeus to Poros so you can pick. But we just got there and chose the one that was leaving the soonest from the port. It's really comfortable even though it took what felt like ages to get there. 

Poros is relatively small but that said cabs are used a lot because the distance between a few parts of the island are a bit too far to walk. I did it a couple times to tan and exercise haha but otherwise just cab it. They're relatively cheap too. 


We took a short boat ride (3 mins?) to the nearby mainland, Galatas to rent a car and drive around the historical sites. It was really quite cool. We visited the Lion Gate in Mycenae, and a couple of other sites that I'll try to recall the long Greek names of.  I really recommend doing this Galatas trip. Was really worth it. We were driving around the mainland for a good 5 hours visiting all these places. It was so cool to pass towns, called Midas and somethingoranother-polis. Really brought Greek mythology to life. 

That's enough of me talking. Have a look at the pics :) Okay I just realised the pics are pretty much centered on food and there's not many people in it hahaha but bear with me :P