Billingsgate Market

It's dark. I check my phone. It's 4am. Yet I'm so jetlagged that I'm wide awake (Kuala Lumpur is 7 hours ahead of London). I hear the rest of my family is starting to stir and awake as well. We had also rented a car for our trip in London too. 

What should I do? It was the perfect time to FINALLY visit Billingsgate Market. We live on the west side of London and Billingsgate Market is on the east side so taking public transport there would be so arduous (1+ hour with transfers). It is also open from 4am - 8am so to get up on a non-jetlagged morning would be short of RIDICULOUS for a normal lazy person like meeee. 

I wrote about the Sydney fish market previously and I was sort of expecting that here. But I kid you not, this is the OG fish market. The Sydney one is brimming with tourists and you can eat the seafood there. But you can't eat sashimi here and there's not much choice in terms of eating there. This hardcore market seems suited to catering even for traders or restauranteurs. 

Reasons why you should visit:


The prices are staggeringly cheap. I bought a whole bag of salmon belly for 5 pounds. I've got a picture of it below. You could buy seafood weekly here and just freeze it for the week. 


There are so many types of seafood at the market. Salmon, pomfrets, eel, oysters, prawns, scallops, lobsters, SHARK??? You could probably get anything you want here. 


I know, what a cliched reason. But truly, I've never visited anything like it before. It's a proper market. Wet floors, overwhelming fishy smell, busy sellers in yellow wellies transporting blocks of seafood on ice from the massive trucks outside. Just don't wear expensive shoes here and you're sorted. 


Oh my goodness. I wasn't too hungry at like 7am in the morning but man that scallop bacon bap covered with cheese was d-e-licious. it's basically these huge fresh scallops with deep fried bacon strips absolutely covered with melted cheese. I can't remember the name of the shop but there aren't many that do breakfast there (or is there only that one? I really can't remember) so it won't be hard to find. i think it's on the right hand side of the main entrance. S 



Billingsgate Market
Trafalgar Way
E14 5ST


Tues to Sat  4am - 8am (approx 9:00am on Saturdays). 
Not open on Tuesdays following a Bank holiday Monday.