My first stop on my gap year was Sydney. The land down-under. Of beautiful people and amazing weather.  Exams had just ended and I was on towards the other side of the world.


Sam, my boyfriend, who lived in Sydney for a few years before this, recommended we bee-line for the store all the way inside the fish market on the right. Every type of sashimi was available there. I tried scallop sashimi for the first time. SO sweet and amazing. The salmon sashimi was fresh AS. 

I also heard (after my trip unfortunately) that Vic's Meat Market is amazing there. Apparently the meat is just crazy amazing. It's not in the fish market area. But when you enter the parking lot, it's on your left. 


We were quite keen on hitting markets in Sydney. This one is small and covers maybe 50m of a street. Easily coverable in 15mins. It's only on Fridays though. The pork crackling bun was quite amazing. But bread to crackling ratio was a bit too skewed on the bread side. The kebabs (shown below) were dry. I don't recommend them. The gozlemes had a huge queue (literally 30 people) queueing for them. We joined the hype as any good sheep would. They were good but not something I'd go back for again. 


I absolutely hate rollercoasters, teacups make me sick. So I thought Luna Park would be okay for me. Well it was baby stuff for the rest but for me I was sitting out rides HAHA. All in all it was quite expensive for the rides you got I would say. But it had this quaint-Notebook-themepark feel about it. Probably because, as I found out when I went home, that it was around during even my grandfather's time! 


I loved this place. Would really recommend it. It has about everything. Very family-friendly as well. It has great food at the Potting Shed, beautiful flowers, delicious arrays of cakes, donuts, tarts, a petting zoo for children. Has a Sunday feel to it. But it's known for its coffee. 'Grounds' I think refers to coffee grounds. 


This was at the Rocks. Never been exposed to contemporary art before but it was quite an experience. There were really eclectic displays of...electricity? Literally I'd listen to the sounds in the earphones and just hear buzzing electricity. I'm probably not cultured enough to get it. But it didn't seem very fascinating after awhile.

What was great was the reality navigation - felt like you were Superman. 


A flea market of sorts. You can find pretty awesome pre-loved clothes' racks here. I love American Apparel and found a whole rack of clothes from there. Old books, jewellery, shoes and everything else was sold there too.

Had some food too. Nothing great but decent food in general. Loved the sugar cane with lemon there mmm-mmm-mmm. 


Great viewpoint to climb up some stairs too (not wheel-chair friendly). Beautiful cliffs hung off the sea. Great for sunsets. Quite romantic. 


The main focus of going to Sydney was the Hillsong Conference. Absolutely breathtaking conference with tonnes of people there to worship God and seek His voice. There are conferences in London and America too so this mainly attracted those from Asia-Pacific. Such a hectic 5 days there listening to famous speakers and learning so much about God. Was really life changing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone here. And for those non-believers, just check out their music here, most of my non-Christian friends love the music even if it's not secular music. Especially Oceans.

Check out the pics below guys. For some of them if you click on the pic it links you to the website of the place I visited for more information!

Much love,