The Daily Cut

Sam and I stumbled on this yummy healthy restaurant. Why is it yummy? First, their menus look like this. 


All you health junkies/closet health junkies will understand. The moment I saw protein/complex carb/supplements I was roped in. How could one not? Even though I knew its essentially just meat, carbs, veggies. But the former just sounds so much healthier.... HAHA.

All in all not the cheapest place to go to (I think we paid around $12 for the plate) but great for fast and healthy food. 

The food was laid out like a canteen style where you could see everything before hand. 

And the food was really delicious. We saw everyone eating the brown rice, so we decided to try some too. It was so chewy and almost sticky like glutinuous rice.

The steak was not bad. Not your top notch steak of course. But pretty decent. 

The sous vide egg was also beautifulllll. Basically a poached egg to melt on top of everything else. 

All in all, we would definitely go back to The Daily Cut to have an awesomely healthy meal. 

One Raffles Place branch


1 Raffles Place

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Weekdays: 11am - 9pm

Sat: 11am - 4pm, Sun: Closed