RuYi & Lyn

Ruyi & Lyn is innovative, eccentric and tantalising. Normally these adjectives, in my opinion, are thrown around quite loosely. But Ruyi truly showcases those qualities. 


Their food is really interesting. The Ruyi Sushi below incorporates Malaysian and Thai cuisine into a Japanese dish. The Truffle Fried Rice and Green Tea Rice are also dishes I haven't seen much in restaurants. 


The place is beyond eccentric.

Picture this. You walk up to the 4th Floor. You find a bar. And a well hidden door that slides open to lead you into Ruyi. Then you enter the restaurant through this runaway red carpet affair. What's next? A bathtub. Yes, I kid you not. A bathtub, filled with bottles of Moet champagne (not sure if those are real but all the same, they are in there) is at the end of this runaway. 

You step around the bathtub awkwardly and look up. There is a Katy Perry concert documentary that is playing on repeat on the big (and when I mean big I mean it filled the entire high-ceilinged wall) screen. Kind of bizarre to 1) have a TV screen of ginormous proportions in a fancy-ish resturant and to 2) have, out of all things, a Katy Perry concert DOCUMENTARY playing (not even a concert but a documentary on the behind the scenes of the concert). 

My friends and I (who I'm sure would love a special mention - Hi Leroy, Abhi and Evan) could also barely stop staring at these coloured lights in the shape of balls that would periodically slowly descend from the sky and then proceed to ascend back up. This would happen, like, what it felt like every 20 minutes. AND they would change in colour. Hilarious. 

BUT all in all, eccentric is different and different is good, no? Well.... Most of the time hahaha.


I know this may sound weird. But the names of the dishes on the menu are hilarious and oddly tantalising. There's this soup dish called Datin's Desire (I know). But doesn't it just make you want to try it?? And another dish was called...Passionate Prawns? (something like that). I would go back just to try the rest of the dishes.

It also has several rooms in the restaurant as well that looked really nice inside. There were two people celebrating their birthday there as well. Seems like a nice place to host a function. 


Ruyi & Lyn
Bangsar Shopping Centre
(4th Floor)
Jalan Maarof
Bangsar Baru
59000 Kuala Lumpur


This place is a weird one. You can access it two ways. Use the set of escalators at the back end of Bangsar Shopping Centre (this leads you directly to the restaurant) OR use the front set of escalators from the new wing of BSC, then use the narrow corridor that you face when you come off the escalator and that leads you to the side entrance of Ruyi.


+603 2083 0288


Opens daily from 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 2am.