Keisuke Ramen

Okay. So here I go. This ramen place is to die for. Go there. Peace. 


I tried the Tori King Ramen Special - which is the original soup but with all the toppings. YUMMM. The normal bowl comes with a whole chicken leg but I wanted the extra stuff: the lava egg, pork and seaweed hehe. 

The noodles are yellow - different from the normal white ramen that I'm used to at Ippudo. I prefer the white ones but this was a good change.

The soup is thick and super tasty (not watery, under...boiled? and lacking in taste and stock). They serve two different types of soup: the black spicy one or the original one. I chose the original and it was soooo good. 

But here's a picture of my friend's black spicy one. 


They also serve free eggs on the side, yummy bean sprouts and of course sesame seeds in a cute little pestle and mortar set up. 


The prices were really really decent. Here's their menu for this branch. 

Not sure if they have different prices across the branches as the names of the branches seem to differ. But here the normal bowl is $11.90, and an extra $4 for all the extra toppings.

This is pretty amazing for Singaporean standards. The portion was pretty huge as well. I was seriously struggling to finish it. 


I visited the 100am branch in Tanjong Pagar for lunch.

It was so busy that we had to queue. But the food comes really fast! So diners finish and the queue normally dissipates quite fast too. 

They also wouldn't let people sit down first if they were waiting for friends. So if you're going to this branch make sure everyone's there otherwise you have to wait :)

Alsooooo, the shop is pretty small so it might be a bit cramped if you're going there with a big group.


#03-15, 100AM, 

100 Tras Street,

SIngapore 079027



11:30am - 3pm, 5:30pm - 10pm daily



You can check out their other branches here: