We girls wanted a nice evening out. So Michelle, Fung and I decided to try out the Lorong Kurau area! We were so bored of normal old Telawi, BV, BSC. We knew Bakar was there, next to a string of new restaurants. We stumbled upon a new restaurant called Barat. The menu outside showed a degustation menu of fine vegetarian food. We were already like hmmmm we're hungry, poor and in the mood for GOOD FOOD. Vegetarian? Set? RM88 for vegetables? But we were persuaded by the VERY persuasive chef to try the food. We were totally cynical at first I'm NOT going to lie. 


Here's a few pictures of the place. 

The place was super cozy with pillows by the seats and had a nice warm yet sophisticated feel about it. 

Here's the menu that we had. 13 courses for RM88 was a pretty amazing deal. The chef said that the menu will be changing every month or so - so if you want to catch this menu, which I really suggest you do, go there now!! 

I would say that I loved EVERY SINGLE COURSE. It was truly super yummy. My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE was the Golden Fried Cheese with Spice Jam. DEEP FRIED CHEESE BALLS WITH APRICOT (I think) JAM. SO. GOOD. I could eat literally 30 of them. My next favourite was the PISTACHIO CARBONARA. So incredible. No words. Just eat it. Hahaha.

So the food was brilliant. The chef was also amazing at coming between each course to explain the course. We wanted to share a course to see what we liked and then order the individual plates a la carte but we ended up so stuffed that we only ordered more of the fried cheese balls. But the chef and his staff were so kind and even gave us extra portions of food. They really went above and beyond to make this dining experience truly different from any other. That's the main reason why I'm writing this blog - I feel like I need to publicise how awesome their place was. Because isn't that kind of how reviewing restaurants/blogs started out to begin with? People trying out places and wanting others to know about them because of how ACTUALLY good the food is? Not just paid reviews or visits. 

Then after our meal, we went to check out the upstairs bar/chill area. It's super nice and totally a great place to hang out after food. 

All in all, a huge 5 out of 5 stars for food, service, location, atmosphere. A must go. 


19, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar Baru, KL.